Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's happening?

Been away from the desk for a bit, but good and interesting things keep happening.

Last week we were delighted that thepowertool was granted an Australian Innovation Patent over its software systems and processes.  We knew we were special, but it's nice to have it confirmed.  Also comforting to have our software process protected, especially our new mobile Site Diary app, which is now more valuable than ever after the "Chase v Hamo"case in NSW reinforced the need to be right on top of your payment process.

iPhone and iPad applications are exploding in the construction industry as people start to leverage the benefits of working at site.  Check out the very interesting discussion on iPad applications at the Linkedin Group Linking Construction.  (You may have to register to see the discussion, but its worth it).  Here's my 2 cents worth - "We need to consider what data must be gathered at, and disseminated to, the field and how to effectively interface the gathered intelligence with management and technical systems.  There is a temptation to adopt technology just because it can.....  After 30 years in practice, we know that one of the primary inhibitors to preserving contractual entitlement, and subsequent payment, is the failure to gather information and intelligence (directions, variations, delay and disruption, acceptance of sub-bases, deliveries etc.,) as it occurs and pass the data in a timely manner to management for appropriate action.  It is especially important with tight contractual notice provisions. iPhone app (patented) allows site personnel to record site data by note, voice, photo, mark up or sketch and pass it to management for action, with due dates.  It feeds the data into a payment claim system that complies with Australian, New Zealand and some Asian security of payment legislation, thus preserving contractual entitlement".  Thepowertool is driving new thinking about the way site intelligence is gathered and used to leverage your contract management effectiveness and protect your contractual entitlements.

One last thing - a recent NSW Supreme Court case has reinforced the importance of making sure that your payment process is spot-on with timings and complying with the Act.  Essentially, from now on, if you want the protection of the Payments Act you must get the process right.  An adjudicator can't help you if you get it wrong.  Read more about this case here >>;

To help out in our local area we have started the Gold Coast Sub-contractors Meetup Group. This is a NEW informal meeting and discussion group for the construction industry on the Gold Coast to discuss business trends in the industry.

The objective of this group is to discuss and discover the best practices being used to run a construction business. Whats out there, whats good and whats not.  if you would like to join the group, please feel free to register on Facebook to get an invitation.  The first meetup is at the Parkwood Tavern on Tuesday 19th October 2010 at 4:30 pm.

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